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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal parts in dalian

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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal parts in dalian

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To distinguish the quality of sheet metal parts in dalian, we can start from packaging, weight, welding process, painting process and the degree of fit when loading. Common owners in the car before it is difficult to discern whether sheet-metal part quality, might as well go up from the packaging of the product in advance to distinguish: general small plant produces the product will not print on the contact number and address, and the formal manufacturers in addition to the contact information and address, the product will have steel seal, qualification and examination on the label, etc., even if the problems appeared in the process of the use of the consumers in the future, also can have a way of safeguarding rights.

Product weight is one of the inspection standards to measure the quality of sheet metal parts in dalian. In order to ensure the safety of automobile, the steel plate used in automobile sheet metal parts must reach a certain weight. Deputy factory of the original sheet metal parts and the high quality of the weight of the sheet metal parts should be the same, and if you buy sheet metal pieces of sheet metal pieces of lighter than the original by a third, that there is no doubt you will buy is a small factory products. As for the welding process, it is also a way to distinguish whether sheet metal parts come from large factories. The sheet metal parts produced by the normal manufacturer will adopt the operation mode of mechanical cutting and welding, and the welding points or cutting edges are smooth and smooth without leaving rough cutting edges.

Many owners think sheet metal pieces of the last still need to spray color the same with the original car paint, sheet metal pieces of the choose and buy, overlooking the spray paint process to sheet metal parts, thought it doesn't matter, but the idea is not correct. To prevent oxidation, corrosion, metal sheet needs to be before they go out after spray paint process, indeed, change after sheet metal parts except for the color of the paint steps, you can also have the effect of protection, prevent oxidation, but if it is a small factory of sheet metal parts, its production of uneven adsorption of spray paint processing, blister, will affect finally the effect of spray paint, cause in the process of using the easy to fall off and cause corrosion, impact and damage the quality of sheet metal parts.

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Dalian sheet metal pieces of the pack is to distinguish between sheet metal parts is the key point, it will determine whether the ultimate effect of loading and beautiful, determines the ease of installation at the same time, hence many of the factors of teacher is very concerned about sheet metal. If the sheet metal parts with the original car inosculation is low, such as hole be misaligned, loading clearance and flatness error is too large (high quality sheet metal pieces in this unilateral tolerance to control below 1.0 mm), the basic can determine this is from a small plant is unqualified products. ROM. The master said, few owners noticed that strong collision can cause slight deformation of the entire body, and then if it tough large sheet metal parts, installation clearance can cause body deformation again, impact damage to the vehicle back to the original appearance and quality. Although experienced technicians will eventually put the sheet metal sheet metal parts by means of drill grinding, welding school to good loading effect, but it will be time-consuming, laborious and quality, the life also not as good as made by the mechanical precision sheet metal parts. So the owners when the choose and buy is the best option to clearance degree consistent with the original car factory or the level of deputy factory parts, can one pace reachs the designated position, when installation to avoid or reduce the sheet metal master "secondary processing".

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