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The rapid development of sheet metal industry brings new opportunities

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The rapid development of sheet metal industry brings new opportunities

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The manufacturing industry is facing the pressure of multiple varieties, small batch, customization, high quality and short delivery time. These are the result of changing customer needs and fierce competition. For the same reason, the manufacturing industry is under pressure to reduce the manufacturing cost year by year. Besides seeking management improvement and reform, technological innovation is also one of the important methods.

The traditional process of stainless steel sheet metal parts is: shearing - punching - bending - welding process or flame plasma cutting - bending - welding process. In the face of orders of many varieties, small batch, customization, high quality and short delivery time, it shows obvious unsuitability. As an alternative to shearing and punching, laser cutting technology has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. And most people think it's expensive. Therefore, it is often used in the manufacture of abnormal (or complex) workpieces and samples (single or small batch). But as small-scale manufacturing becomes more popular, the demand for laser cutting is also increasing.

When reviewing the new stainless steel sheet metal process: laser cutting, bending and welding/maohan, due to the high flexible, high precision laser cutting, the maturity of the 3 d design technology and popularization, the user can benefit from the new design, new process. So as to reduce the cost and shorten the duration of the requirements. So the new sheet metal process starts with design: design + laser cutting + bending + welding/riveting.

Stainless steel sheet metal parts

 The following are several examples to illustrate the characteristics of the new process.

(1) under traditional technology, the workpiece consists of several parts. Now, one cut and bend is done. It has achieved the goal of reducing the process, shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

(2) special clamping devices are configured for welding under traditional technology. At present, the process similar to woodworking tenon is used between components, accurate positioning, time-saving, simple welding fixture and small product deformation. The aim is to shorten the construction period, reduce the cost and improve the quality.

(3) multiple bending process has been widely used in the box body manufacturing industry in China. The advantage is that the traditional reinforcing bars are eliminated. It has its unique design and technology. So as to achieve the goal of high quality products, low manufacturing costs. In the actual process, it is necessary to cooperate with spot welding.

(4) with the feature of fine cutting seam and high precision of laser, one cutting (with micro connection) and four bending, four workpieces are completed. It breaks through the design idea of traditional technology, and achieves the purpose of shortening construction period and reducing cost.

(5) since tenon structure is used, the whole process can be completed when the workpiece is bent and combined with spot welding technology. Small deformation of the workpiece, no need to be plastic, polishing before spraying.

Since the 20th century, stamping equipment and cold stamping die have been gradually applied in the field of sheet metal processing. By the 1980s, CNC sheet metal began to appear. On the whole, stamping equipment and cold punching die is widely used and the popularity of CNC automation equipment is two milestone in the development of sheet metal processing, stamping the former was born, who gave birth to the CNC sheet metal.

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