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Process of stainless steel sheet metal parts

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Process of stainless steel sheet metal parts

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Sheet metal processing is called stainless steel sheet metal processing. Detail such as the use of plate manufacture chimney, iron drum, and the size of the tank of the oil pot, ventilation pipe, elbow, head, nature round place, funnel, etc., the first process is the shear, bending, buckles, winding forming, welding, riveting, etc., demand will be how much common sense. Sheet metal parts are sheet metal parts, that is, parts that can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching, etc., a general definition is that the thickness of the parts is invariable in the process of processing. The corresponding parts are casting parts, forging parts, machined parts, etc. Some cabinet tools made of stainless steel are also stainless sheet metal parts.

Stainless steel sheet metal parts

Modern technologies include: sheet metal filament winding, laser cutting, machining, metal combination, metal wire drawing, plasma cutting, fine roll forming, welding, sheet metal forming, die forging, water cutting, precision welding, etc.

The appearance of sheet metal parts is also a very important part of sheet metal processing, because it can prevent parts from rust and beautify the appearance of products. The pretreatment effect of metal plate surface is mainly oil, scale and rust, etc., after which it is prepared for appearance, and then processed into the first coating (baking), coating and coating anti-rust layer. After the software has a sheet metal parts, first is to modify the graphics for sheet metal parts processing and data needed, as well as CNC punching machine, laser, plasma, water jet cutting boots, composite supply data such as machine tools, CNC bending machine.

Shear plate blanking is the first step in the process of sheet metal processing, its precision directly affect the quality after the process of machining, CNC shearing machine use to ensure that the working poor in the process of machining. CNC shearing machine consists of CNC equipment, servo system, measuring equipment and machine tool. The servo system consists of three servo motors and servo drivers. There are two servo motors in front of the machine, usually one main motor works separately, and the processing scale is 2-500mm. If processing the hypotenuse, the auxiliary motor works. The CNC system gives two different instructions to form the hypotenuse. After positioning there is a servo motor, the first processing large plate surface goods, processing scale 150 ~ 4000mm. For example, QC12K series CNC shearing machine is equipped with Swiss CYBELEC DNC60 series, which can store 36 orders and internal storage memory of 100 orders.

Numerical control technology is widely used in sheet metal machine tools. The problems of high precision, disordered shape and large quantity in sheet metal processing are discussed. CNC sheet metal machine includes CNC shearing machine, nc laser cutting, nc punch, nc bending machine, welding machine, flame cutting, etc. Their use in production has greatly improved the processing capacity of metal plates, made sheet metal stamping quality assurance and output value, and greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers.

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