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Surface treatment of sheet metal parts

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Surface treatment of sheet metal parts

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Stainless steel sheet metal parts processing surface treatment, the main processing plate commonly used: cold plate, hot plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized iron sheet, with different surface treatment technology. Stainless steel plate wire drawing industry can do according to customer requirements processing, etc. Cold plate, hot plate can be powder or spray paint. Powder before must ensure that the coating material with no oil, no rust, no impurities, and coating surface should be a layer of phosphating film were distributed evenly, improve coating adhesion and corrosion resistance ability, only drawing oil removal and cleaning before coating processing, don't need phosphating, simplified pretreatment process.

Stainless steel sheet metal parts processing technology development is actually goes back to ancient times, in fact, since ancient times by smelting of metal material, with the constant improvement of the smelting technology, now more and more enterprises by sheet metal craft processing products, in fact, sheet metal processing is a kind of comprehensive technology of cold work, through the cut, compound die cutting, folding, welding, splicing, molding and so on, its prominent feature is the same thickness of parts.

Stainless steel sheet metal parts

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