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Improve the processing method of sheet metal parts in dalian

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Improve the processing method of sheet metal parts in dalian

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With the increase of profits, the requirements of sheet metal processing on workers are also increasing. Stamping, laser cutting and metal processing all account for a certain proportion, among which laser cutting is the largest.

Improving the processing methods of sheet metal parts in dalian:

1. Be skilled in processing tools, which are often caused by improper use.

2. The protective cover can be set around or the mold structure can be improved, such as expanding the safety space and reducing the dangerous area.

3. Safety protection can be set up in some dangerous equipment, such as stamping equipment and molds.

Technicians should pay attention to rest and avoid work wandering.

It is the fundamental way to avoid manual safety to adopt high automation equipment and realize mechanization as far as possible.

Sheet metal design basically see products, more manufacturers will be elevator parts, chassis cabinets, stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, electronics, shell, metal parts, automotive sheet metal, air conditioning, appliances metal shell and so on, this kind of processing as if there is no such courses in university, but there are still training institutions, as a relatively new type of processing from shallow to deep to die is different according to different product technology

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