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Sheet metal parts design work content

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Sheet metal parts design work content

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I. the main work of sheet metal parts design in dalian is as follows:

1. Took charge of various production tasks of the sheet metal workshop and completed various work tasks within the scope of responsibilities of the department;

2. Implement the post responsibility system and work standards of the department, and enhance cooperation with relevant departments;

3. Formulated the rules and regulations of the workshop and took charge of the implementation;

4. Responsible for the daily management of the workshop staff and the work assessment of the subordinate staff;

5. Participated in making various manufacturing processes, inspection specifications and labeling of the workshop;

6. Participate in the discussion of major decision-making matters of the company;

7. Arrange the overtime hours of the department according to the actual production order status of the company;

8. Make purchasing requests and warehouse management of all material requirements of the department according to orders;

9. Completed other tasks assigned by company leaders on time.

Under now the development of the laser drilling technology, laser cutting machine to realize the automation of operation, now in the sheet metal industry application changes the traditional processing method of sheet metal technology, realizes the unmanned, offers a wide range of production efficiency, realize the fully automatic operation, driving the development of the sheet metal of the economy, in the aspect of perforating effect to promote the class a, processing effect was significant.

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