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Brief discussion on the design and attention of stainless steel sheet metal parts processing

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Brief discussion on the design and attention of stainless steel sheet metal parts processing

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Sheet metal processing is the key technology that sheet metal technicians need to master. It is also an important process of sheet metal forming. It includes both the traditional cutting blanking, cutting processing, bending forming method and the process parameters, such as cold and includes a variety of stamping die structure and working principle of the process parameters, all kinds of equipment and operation method, also includes the new punching technology and new technology.

Stainless steel sheet metal parts


We know that when designing stainless steel sheet metal parts and workpieces, we should pay attention to the following points when drawing expansion:

1. Open to reasonable, as far as possible to reduce the difficulty of the painting and show that the parameters, make whole design picture to be short and concise, also reduce unnecessary process and processing convenience, considering the actual processing technology to the arrangement of the reasonable machining process.

2. Reasonable selection of clearance and edge wrapping

Gap and some of the side length calculation approach to accurate, but must pay attention to the different plates have different standard of measurement, don't put the calculation method is applied to the long side computation of different plates.

3. Beijing sheet metal processing tolerance must be considered reasonably

In actual design and installation process, more or less will appear some error, these are the inevitable normal circumstances, the tolerance calculation can know the use of up to the size of the roughly, have certain gap or length, is we often used to avoid the error of the method.

4. The position direction of extraction, riveting, punching, protruding and tearing should be clearly defined, and the profile should be drawn.

5. Should the holes with different bore diameters on the surface of stainless steel sheet metal be marked with letters on the surface of the drawing in order to distinguish them? Different bore diameters should be marked with different letters.

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