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Rust-steel sheet metal processing enterprises how to use nc programming to save costs?

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Rust-steel sheet metal processing enterprises how to use nc programming to save costs?

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The application of nc machining technology in stainless steel sheet metal processing is more and more extensive. At present, the CNC punching machine in performance, quality improved, as a result of CNC punch press has a strong adaptability, increase productivity, high processing precision, etc, so widely used CNC punch press solution batch big, complex shape of sheet metal processing, precision is high. The application of nc punch in production has greatly improved the processing capacity of sheet metal and ensured the quality and output of sheet metal parts.

At present, many stainless steel sheet metal processing enterprises of nc equipment can be said to be a variety of everything. Including CNC turret punching, CNC laser cutting and CNC bending machine, there are both JinKouJi bed fast domestic machine tool, such as Japan Amada, Germany and the domestic express Wallace, the gateway or golden circle and so on, form a complete set of CNC programming software is various, such as markey, CNCKad, Radan, etc; And the demand of the market is to be fast, to be economical, and to be of good quality. Of course, fast and good quality are the requirements of customers, saving money is the boss's idea.

For personnel requirements is relatively high, will write CNC punch press, CNC cutting machine tools and CNC bending machine, nc program can be used at least two or more of the programming software, also can to operate this kinds of machine tools. Editor recently learned about a factory, they use the recommended Radan east adai software CAD/CAM software united all the CNC programming and applications, the boss gave us calculate a bill, may be to inspire you. He believes that in the current market economy, we must pay attention to every link in production to control the cost and stand unbeaten in the market economy. This is related to the following factors:

Stainless steel sheet metal parts


1. Labor cost

If every CNC programmer is required to master more than two kinds of software, the human cost will be increased by 20-30%. Even if people want to learn, the learning cost will be doubled. For a factory, there may be several shifts a day, and human resources should be taken into account, otherwise the importance of the position will be doubled.

If everyone knows how to program a piece of software, it's obviously too expensive. If you are required to master more than two programming methods, the importance of the position will be increased three times.

2. Time cost

In actual production, often need to transfer some machine tools machining task to another machine tools, nc code generated different software takes time, usually makes the production preparation time increased by about 30%. How much of this happens over the course of a year cannot be counted, but it is a factor in rising costs. The pick-in of part graphics requires manual operation, which is often a time-consuming work. Efficiency aside, the labor cost is a significant number.

3. Additional costs

Most CNC programming software usually drawing ability is not strong, this means that before the CNC programming needs to use third party software to make drawings of parts, such as AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS for sheet metal parts design and drawing, or used for transformation. If the adoption of legitimate software, software investment in the increase. If pirated software is used, there is a risk of application error and law.

4. Integration cost

In a stainless steel sheet metal CNC machining workshop, there are usually multiple links to data exchange. Under the production task of ERP, to achieve the pick-in of part graphics; Part graphics are imported into nc programming software. Conversion between different programming software; 3 d parts graphics expansion to the introduction of nc programming software; 3d part models to bending programming imports and so on. The cost of importing and exporting data from different software programs should not be low if manual operation or manual picking is required.

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