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Zhuanghe xinhua instrument factory main performance

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Zhuanghe xinhua instrument factory main performance

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1. Dalian puchuan technology co., LTD

Zhuanghe xinhua instrument and meter plant since 2003 for dalian known to science and technology co., LTD., form a complete set of processing all types of inverter and control cabinet shell and copper platoon product, cooperative relations for ten years, dalian has been known to the company's high quality outsourcing units.

2. Dalian mingxing metal co., LTD. (wholly owned by Japan)

Since 2008, xinhua instrument has cooperated with Japan's sole proprietorship enterprise dalian mingxing metal co., LTD., providing various kinds of industrial sheet metal parts processing for a long time.

3. Other famous Japanese enterprises

A large number of copper products, equipment covers and so on, mainly corresponding to mitsubishi motors, yamasaki mazak, BROTHER and other Japanese enterprises.

4. Shenyang laurel bank equipment co., LTD. (wholly owned by Japan)

For shenyang laurel bank equipment co., LTD. Supporting the processing of various kinds of precision sheet metal stamping parts inside the cash dispenser.

5. Dalian jiahe industrial control technology co. LTD.

Since 2004, we have provided various sheet metal solutions for jiahe, dalian, including cabinet structure, shape design, all kinds of cabinets and copper platen outsourcing services.

6. Shenyang zhongchao xinda financial equipment co., LTD

Since 2009, shenyang yangzhong bank note cinda co., LTD has been processing the export case of the compound point machine.

7. Dandong Orient measurement & control technology co. LTD

Since 2010, we have provided various sheet metal solutions for dandong measurement & control, including customized cabinet cabinet and aluminum equipment cover.

Dalian hengwei electronics co. LTD

Since 2003, hengwei has provided various sheet metal solutions, including highway and tunnel telephone boxes, all kinds of control cabinets, etc.

9. Dalian shian technology co., LTD

Since 2014, it has provided various control cases for dalian shian technology co., LTD.

10. Dalian locomotive research institute (north locomotive)

Since 2013, it has been processing locomotive cooling tower and other locomotive products for dalian locomotive research institute.

11. Shenyang blue ray group

Dreamworks animation junshin

Industrial sheet metal parts

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