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Safety index of sheet metal parts processing in dalian

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Safety index of sheet metal parts processing in dalian

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Tips for improving the safety index of sheet metal processing:

Dalian sheet metal parts processing is a kind of metal sheet metal processing technology, divided into two types: non-mould processing and mold processing. At the same time, it is also a dangerous industry. Through some proper methods, it can reduce the occurrence of some accidents and make processing more reasonable and safer. Latest market analysis of dalian sheet metal parts processing industry:

Because of large population, vast territory and abundant resources, the rapid economic development, the vast consumption market, China has become one of the world's manufacturing power, and gradually become a global strategic purchasing center. The sheet metal industry is the basic industry of the machinery manufacturing industry. With the rapid development of the economy, it has gradually formed its own development trend and context. And it is widely used in many industries such as automobile, communication and machinery. Shenzhen sheet metal processing industry association here for you detailed analysis of the sheet metal industry market situation.

Nowadays, the "low cost advantage" that the manufacturing industry has long relied on is disappearing, and the quality is gradually improving. It is an inevitable choice for the industry to realize the automation and flexibility of sheet metal equipment as soon as possible. Statistics, collection of automation technology, information technology and processing technology in the integration of flexible manufacturing technology accounted for 14.50%, the people from the liberated and synchronous machine manual labor, is the inevitable trend of industry development. At present, the overall automation and flexibility of the domestic industry is not high, and the capacity of complete set of wire forming needs to be improved. Many enterprises have begun to pay attention to the research and development investment in this respect.

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