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Numerical control technology in sheet metal parts processing

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Numerical control technology in sheet metal parts processing

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With the increasingly mature of microelectronics and computer technology, and promote the development of numerical control technology in our country, the domestic numerical control system have been developed, to make our country nc machine tools in quality, performance has been disabled. CNC machine tools are widely used in various fields because of their strong adaptability to workpiece modification, high machining precision and high productivity.

Numerical control technology has been widely used in the machine tool of stainless steel sheet metal parts. It solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch in sheet metal processing. Along with sheet metal processing products in aerospace, railway transportation, environmental protection equipment, air conditioning appliances, tobacco machinery, packaging printing, engineering machinery, textile machinery, household and other industries wide application. Sheet metal processing also requires more highly skilled workers to operate, good equipment and excellent staff to produce good products.

Shear plate blanking is the first working procedure in the process of sheet metal processing, cutting accuracy directly affect the quality behind the process of machining, CNC shearing machine ensures the blanking of the application of the differential size and the work of blanking diagonal. CNC shearing machine is composed of nc device, servo system, measuring device and machine tool. The servo system consists of three servo motors and servo drive devices. Before the machine tool positioning two servo motors, usually a main motor working alone, processing range of 2-500 mm, such as network cabinet work hypotenuse is vice motor, CNC system are two different instruction form the hypotenuse. After positioning there is a servo electric machine, mainly processing large plate surface products, processing range of 150 ~ 4000mm.

Stainless steel sheet metal parts


Stamping is an important link in the processing of stainless steel sheet metal parts. It has greatly increased productivity. CNC punch is a kind of machine tool with wide application, including single punch and turret.

The machine tool operator determines the processing program according to the part drawing and process requirements. The operator directly writes the program to the program memory in EDIT mode through the operation panel of the machine tool. With the development of CAD/CAM and CIMS, the operator can input the graphics into the computer generating program through the computer related software and copy them to the disk to enter the numerical control system through the disk drive. It can also be input serially by computer and nc system. The programming instruction of nc punch machine is divided into G code M code, which is used to instruct the machine tool to carry out machining motion and interpolation mode. For example, G91 increment command, G90 absolute command, G29 arc punch, G68 step arc. M code is the code that tells the machine tool to do some auxiliary actions. If the M30 program stops. When the inspection procedure is correct, release the caliper and put it into the workpiece to close the caliper. Start up the oil pump and punch to finish the processing.

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